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Helen Moursellas

Helen Moursellas didn’t grow up with a love for cooking. Even though her mother is a wonderful cook and would spend hours in the kitchen, Helen would hide in her room. The idea of cooking terrified her. Her first attempt to fry an egg was a disaster- she missed the frying pan and the egg ended up on the floor. This set the scene for her future new married life!

When Helen returned from her honeymoon little did she know that her first roast lamb would be thrown away as it was quite inedible. She ordered pizza. Luckily, her husband loves pizza.

Over the years Helen slowly began to enjoy working in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. She even ventured into hosting small dinner parties with guests genuinely praising her dishes. 

Nowadays, her family cannot imagine a day without Helen cooking in her beloved modern kitchen. Her mother is so proud of her and recently admitted she worried that her daughter would never be able to fry an egg, let alone cook a meal. For a Greek mother this a tragedy!

Her idea of winding down and relaxing is to have family and friends over for chatting, drinking and eating.  She is a powerhouse of love and connection embodied through the sharing of good food.  Whether cooking for her family or entertaining friends, Helen’s enjoyment and satisfaction of a delicious meal is priceless.

Helen has been happily married to Nicholas for 36 years, raised two beautiful children and has recently become a grandmother. 

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